Violent and Very Disturbing

Fucking A, this series won’t let you get a good breath before you’re eyeball deep in shit and drowning again. The fallout from the school shooting is hanging over everyone’s head. The guilt eats at them in different ways–some of them have ways to cope, others are left to improvise. There’s never an end to the number of people taking pop shots at SAMCRO and their associates. How long until we’re saying goodbye to another of the boys?

And then there’s Mr. Former U.S. Marshall, Lee Toric. Oh how I want to see this jackass meet his end. He’s up on his god damned high horse, looking down at SAMCRO, meanwhile he’s a junkie and a murderer. (BTW, SPOILERS. You should know that shit by now.) Not to mention, friggen weird and apparently has some form of neurological disorder. He’s made it his life’s mission to nail the MC . . . and that never goes well. People tend to catch a case of dead when they set their sights on SAMCRO. Gotta hand it to him, he is awfully inventive during an interrogation.

Gemma and Tara are a scary echo of each other–mothers worried about the future of their sons. However, they have vastly different ways to get what they want. Gemma will manipulate people, destroy lives to make sure her family is cared for. Tara will use everything at her disposal, including the legal system, to protect her sons. Will it hurt Jax? Of course. But her number one priority, and his, should be the safety of their children. Neither one of them are in a position to keep those boys safe anymore. Jax, as Prez has a truckload of people gunning for his throat. Tara is under fire from Toric and Otto’s insane attack on Toric’s sister.

Bobby is on a roll with his project. What is the full scope of his plans? So far they don’t seem to be anything that’d damage Jax and his crew, but I have this sinking feeling that Bobby has plans under his vest he isn’t sharing just yet. He didn’t leave on good terms. He’s bitter at being forced to leave the club he’s called home for a long time.

Let’s not get me started on the rape-fantasy porno guys. I want them dead in the most creative ways possible. I’m taking skinning them over the span of a week, bathing them in high-concentrate salt water three times a day, and feeding them piece by piece to pigs–while they watch how much the pigs enjoy chowing down on their flesh.

WTF is going on with Clay now? Just when I think he’s finally going to be stopped, put in a position (or pine box) where he can’t fuck over Jax, the coin flips in his favor. I stand by what I said before, Clay is a roach–the motherfucker will outlive everyone by crawling in the deep, dank, dark holes no one else would even dream of going into and spraying poison.

Oh, Tig . . . . Your lack of control, your incapability of reigning your shit in, it’s gonna cost you. How much Tig will pay, I have no clue yet. Won’t know until next week, but judging from the previews, it isn’t going to be a happy little sit down talk with Pope’s people.


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