Haunted Places

Today officially kicks off the beginning of my Halloween season. As I’ve done since 2009, I will be hanging out in Sanger, CA at Hobb’s Gove. Hobb’s has been a tradition in the Central Valley since 1999–one I was always too afraid to venture into as a youth. During my one visit, The Hollows (Haunted Forest) terrified me so much, I couldn’t fathom going through the Bad Manor (Haunted House) or the Shadow’s Keep (Haunted Hayride). Heck, even working there I still get chills down my spine when walking through Hobb’s 24-acre ranch.

Think I’m blowing smoke up your backsides? Forbes listed Hobb’s Grove (formerly The Grove Haunt) in their 10 Greatest Haunted Attractions.

Picture 087

Want to know a little more about Hobb’s Grove? Check out this interview with Kings River Life Magazine. Prices, location, and more information about Hobb’s can be found on their official website.

How many of you, beloved readers, are brave enough to venture into the murky darkness surrounding Hobb’s Grove to visit yours truly in the Bad Manor this year?



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