Madness Reigns

As some of you noticed, I never got around to reviewing Sons of Anarchy last week. Shit happened and I didn’t get to watch the episode until the afternoon before the newest episode. One sentence review of that episode – I hope they have a lot of body bags. Seriously, though, I was stunned with the way things went, thought for sure Toric would suffer a slightly different fate. I’m fully okay with the way that part of the story arc went.

Now for this week . . .

Jax is losing grip of his gavel. The stupidest part is, he’s doing a lot of the same one-man-army shit Clay did. Only, Jax thinks because he’s doing it in order to get the MC out of guns, it is for the good of everyone. There’s a horde of corpses following in his wake that say otherwise. Jax has started a war, despite his protestations. The Irish do not pull punches. He should know that better than most after they took his child. No one has ever accused the IRA of being cuddly motherfuckers who are willing to sit and talk deals. Once they think you’re going to fuck them over, they move on the offensive and strike before you can. How many more corpses will follow Jax on his journey to make legitimate money? He can’t fix his life with a flick of his wrist, and that’s what he’s been trying since his second son was born. Sure, his heart may be in the right place, but it is too late to save his family.

Which is what has Tara terrified to her marrow. More so after the end of this week’s episode. A mother should never, ever be forced to contemplate what she’s dealing with in order to make sure her kids survive one week once she’s forcibly taken from their lives. As much as I want to think she’ll escape jail, Toric’s death really does fuck her over. I can’t blame Otto, or even Clay for their parts in his demise. The guy was begging for a good gutting. The fallout from it just sucks. There’s no way to spin it to Tara’s favor. She has no solid proof that Toric was a vigilante, not after he was given a badge by the DA–even if temporary–in order to finish up the school shooting case.

It’s unclear how long until Chibs is forced to do something drastic in order to deal with Jax’s solo bullshit calls. He’s teetering on the edge, watching his brother throw himself into hellfire and brimstone. Chibs has never been one to stand by and let someone destroy themselves. He’s very much the conscious of the MC, which makes him an excellent VP. If Jax wasn’t so blinded by all the crap he’s shoveling to get clear of the gun crap, he and Chibs could make SAMCRO into something amazing and well-functioning. As it stands, Chibs may be the only thing keeping Jax from ending up with his head on a pike at the door of the IRA’s home base.

There’s a few things that happened in this episode that made me seriously uncomfortable. That is part of the beauty of Sons of Anarchy. It also makes it hard to review. My brain throws up a wall and says, “Yeah, fuck that shit. Go look at pictures of corgie puppies.” You know what? My brain is pretty damn smart. Ooo, puppies!


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