Reach for the Stars

Usually when one thinks of a convention with celebrity guests in California, their mind heads south to San Diego Comic-Con. For 2014, there’s a new kid on the California block that’s drawing a lot of attention–positive attention for an awesome concept that’ll morph the way people see conventions for years.

Email_Map (marquee) FINAL Evolution Expo caught my eye a few months ago. Why? They’re keen to erase the line between science fact and science fiction, by bringing planetary scientists, astronauts, a neuroscientist–who also happens to be an actress on an extremely popular network show–and a biomedical engineer into the type of event typically reserved for actors, artists, and writers. On top of that, the social media chatter I’m hearing from the Expo’s representatives encourages giddiness as they continue to tease new guests and after-hour additions to the event.

This morning Evolution Expo’s Facebook page announced that Jefferson Starship would headline their Friday night concert during the event held June 27-29th in Oakland, CA. The concert will be opened by Spock’s Beard.10001379_694628160560120_2125409633_n

If the Expo has anymore cool surprises up their sleeves, I’m not sure attendees will be able to contain their excitement. Which is the point, right? Purchase your Evolution Expo tickets now.


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