F*cking Clutter

It’s late. I don’t want to blog. But according to the new regimen I’ve set for myself, I have to.

I did stop and clean my office first, though. That’s where this idea came from.

Over the last few months, I’ve traveled quite a bit. Conventions. Renaissance festivals. Trips out on the town dressed in head-to-toe zombie makeup. I’ve been all over the place, and my office reflected the chaos of my current schedule–jewelry everywhere, suitcases crammed in front of closets, books and bookmarks all over any flat semi-clean surface, makeup cases tucked in corners. I finally reached the point where, no matter where I looked, a reminder of where I’d been smacked me in the face.

Frankly, it’s impossible to work in those conditions.

Once upon a time, I’d be just fine living in a room where the only bit of visible carpet was the path to my bed. Then I started writing. All too quickly I realized, the more miscellaneous crap laying around to catch my eye, the worse my focus. If you guys haven’t noticed, I have a wicked case of “Ooo, shiny.” It never goes away. All I can do is manage the condition by keeping my work space tidy.

Impossible to do when I’ve been so busy.

It’s not just the traveling. In the last few months I’ve finished one book. Started another. Edited three or four, maybe even five books for JIP and freelance clients (I honestly cannot remember at this point). There’s a never-ending flow of Zombie Survival Crew and ZSC Entertainment work. Plus I run a household–or zoo, as we tend to call it.

Life encroached on my office. On my time to disconnect with the outside world and talk to the voices in my head. Except for the last two days, any time I went to talk to Sydnee (the main character for the final vampire book) she wouldn’t come into focus and I caught myself eyeballing the half-finished knitting project over to the right. Or the suitcase with my sword belt and corset precariously perched on top on my left. Don’t even get me started on the teeth-grinding vision that is my overcrowded bookshelf hovering in my peripheral.

I don’t even have room to properly display the print copies of Enslaved and In Too Deep my publisher gave to me.

So tonight I put off blogging, told Sydnee to gather her thoughts for tomorrow’s writing session, and cleaned the crap out of my office. It’s far from spotless. There just isn’t enough storage space in this 100 year old house to keep everything out of sight and mind. But it should be clear enough to get this book and my work schedule back on track. Here’s hoping.


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