It’s Not My Job to Make Your Life Interesting

Someone once said, “Only boring people get bored.” Not sure who, but they hit the nail on the fucking head.

Most of my life is spent observing other people and how they interact with the world. It’s a vital part of the writing process. I’m one person living one very strange life. But my way of coping with the world around me is not how Person X goes around doing things, and certainly Person Y wouldn’t even be caught within ten miles of where I am emotionally. (Most wouldn’t, anyway.)

Unfortunately in watching the world, I notice there’s inevitably a handful of people who aren’t *actually* living their lives. They’re passengers along for the ride, waiting for this friend or that to point the way. Sitting on their ass watching everyone else having fun and loudly proclaiming, “I wish I were them.” Or “I’m so bored. They look like they’re having fun. Why won’t they let me have fun, too?”

Because you don’t ask. You sit on the earth like a toad’s wart doing jack shit to impact the world around you. There’s a huge fault in the way these people think. Or don’t think, rather. How can anyone in this day and age be really, truly bored?

On that thought, who the hell has the time to be bored? 1343132597_minions-ff

My schedule is full from the time I pry my eyes open at 8:00 AM until they slam shut again at 2:00 AM from sheer exhaustion. That’s every day. No matter what project is on my plate. Even my days off are full. Usually full of binge-watching TV or curling up with a book. Still, I’m doing something that pleases me, without waiting for someone to give me permission to be happy by forcing their influence on my day.

Think. For. Yourself. Just this once. Grab onto something that makes you happy, doesn’t require constant direction from a friend, and consumes your mind to the point where time has no meaning whatsoever. Try it. For the love of the gods, try it. Because if I have to suffer through another chorus of, “I’m bored, pay attention to me” I will lose interest in you as a person. Everyone will. Why should we waste our time and creativity living two lives when one is more than plenty?


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