Brain Ooze

For the last few weeks, I’ve tried to set a schedule for myself. Thus far, it’s failed in wondrous ways. Mostly because of self-sabotage. That’s w hole ‘nother blog conversation, though. One I’m not to keen on writing. So, yeah.

But after some deep conversation with myself–in the middle oft he night, because sleep is a fickle bitch incapable of reading a watch–I’ve figured out a way to set a schedule that’s not really a schedule. I’m not locked into doing one task every day at the same time. Instead I’ve taken my to-do list and broke it into chunks of time.

For instance, here’s a sample list:

-Post on [business] FB page


-Research article

-Review [show]

-Write 2k on vamp book

Once the list is done, I’ll take care of the quick things first. Typically, that’s the social media work. Unless it’s Tuesday. That’s promo day, which takes about an hour or two, depending on what all I need to do. After the quick stuff is taken care of, I break the list into time chunks, minding meal times.

-Post on [business] FB page

-Blog (4-5)

-Research article (12-1)

-Review [show] (watch 2-3 write 3-4)

-Write 2k on vamp book (after dinner)

This isn’t set in stone. I adjust as need be if tasks take longer or life steps in and says, “Hey, we need you to step out of your office for a bit.” But it provides a stricter regimen for each work day. It makes me honest to myself about what I’ve accomplished in the day. Otherwise I tend to screw around way too much.

How do other writers structure their work days? Hell if I know. We’re special snowflakes, remember? No one has the same routine. That’s what makes being a writer so damn difficult. There’s no rule book. No boss to call us out for browsing Tumblr for hours on end. For someone who typically bucks against restraints put on by others, I found it impossible to get shit done without a schedule. Funny, huh?


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