Chicken Scratch

In Too Deep_600x900 Back in June, I spent a lovely–if not a tad toasty–weekend in Phoenix, AZ with my publisher, Jinxie, at Phoenix Comic Con. At the end of the long weekend, there was still a few books on the table with my name on them.

Light bulb.

I grabbed a pen and defaced every single copy left in Jinxie’s stock. Okay, not in a bad way. I signed those bitches and suffered a sore hand for the rest of the day. It was worth sporting a claw-like paw on the flight home. Why? Because not every reader can make it to my signing events. As a matter of fact, I’ve only had the one since beginning this whole mad scheme–the one where I become super famous from making preternatural creatures kill people and then have sex. Not with the corpses. (Shut up, Aksel.)

What does this mean for you? Signed books! Without flying thousands of miles! Duh!

Currently, Just Ink Press has a limited number of signed Enslaved and In Too Deep paperbacks available on their website. I’d love to see these books find forever homes on your bookshelves. Don’t leave the poor babies on the streets (or in Jinxie’s apartment….) much longer. Books have feelings, too.

Not to mention, who doesn’t want a copy of Deryck’s yumtastic shoulders to drool over in the privacy of their bedroom? 91XY8KqUEdL._SL1500_


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