Podcast-Thingie: Not a Role Model

d835336b60135254c6d9f1277d65f69c43ba3517880d38971cf87e31e0c39d98Oh look, I found my words. An evil sea hag–with incredible breasts–traded me a month’s supply of tea for my voice. Until she popped the lid on the Tupperware container she’d put it in and actually listened to what I sound like. Needless to say, I got a refund and didn’t have to return the tea.

Good thing. She would’ve had to accept my pee. I drank all the tea in the house struggling to make it through the holidays in one piece. One trembling, completely batshit piece of babbling idiot. Winter vacation cannot end soon enough. This house is far too noisy.

So let me add to the noise in your house with a new episode of Podcast-Thingie. Get to clicking, but wear headphones. I have pottymouth syndrome.

This week I prove I’m not someone to look up to. Also, a little chit-chat about Showtime’s Masters of Sex.


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