Shite You Should be Watching

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve discovered something interesting about my day job—it’s a lot easier if I keep up with television and movies. No, I’m not talking about the writing or editing jobs, or even the zombie slaying gig. When it comes to working with ZSC Entertainment, I kinda-sorta have to know who all these actors are. Not just the ones we represent, either. You’d choke on your tongue knowing half the people we accidentally run into (or are run over by) at almost every convention. It’s nuts, I’ll be honest.

All that TV watching makes me a pretty good judge of what’s good—or so I like to think. Here’s a quick and dirty list of shows you really should check out soon. All make great binge-watches and most are available through your streaming movie/TV app of choice. This is the tip of the iceberg for my viewing habits, by the way. I binge watch a lot of TV while doing non-writing work.

Comic Book Shows:


The Flash



Agent Carter

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Serial Killer Shows:


Bates Motel


Sci-fi/Fantasy Shows:orphan-black

Lost Girl (A personal favorite on its final season)

Defiance (Likewise on its last season, I believe)

Falling Skies (Oh look, last season again)


Orphan Black (Drop everything and watch this now)

Sleepy Hollow

Historical Shows:

Outlander (Somewhat sci-fi, too)

Black Sails


Hell on Wheels (The last half of season 4 is amazing)vikings_season3_horiz

Downton Abby

The Knick

Penny Dreadful

The Musketeers

Masters of Sex


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