Dumb as a Brick

Last week, I had all these grand plans.

Finish all my editing clients’ first rounds: Done

Write All The WordsKinda . . . . 

Review All The Shows: HA!

Schedule book promo posts: Halfway there. I think.

Blog four times a week: You were serious about some of these?The_Angry_Tooth_Fairy_by_Scottleroc

Needless to say, my lofty goals were not met on some of the to-do list items from last week. Looking at what I’d written, it honestly wasn’t beyond my capabilities to tackle everything with a little breathing room—maybe even reward myself a nap on the couch with Limos or stroll outside.

Nope. My wisdom tooth had other plans.

I must have the world’s slowest wisdom teeth. It’s taken until now for this one to break through and now the little motherfucker is joyfully rearranging my lower jaw. If that pain wasn’t chipper enough, the headache that paired with it after the first day is surely something to marvel. There came a point on Thursday where I looked at the to-do list, rubbed my poor jaw, and shoved everything onto this week’s list.

I never do that. Never call it quits on a work week because of pain. This isn’t normal pain, though. It’s pain sent straight from Lucifer.

Must’ve made one too many pink thong jokes at his expense.

The pain is still hanging in there. I’m not. Seeing as my personal convention season begins in ten (holy shit, really???) days, something’s gotta give.

Pulling up my Big Girl Panties. It’s time to continue my global takeover. But, please, no iced drinks at my victory party.



2 thoughts on “Dumb as a Brick

  1. I’ve suffered all kinds of pain, and tooth pain is second from the top of pain I never want to experience again (and I won’t have to). Only the pinched nerve tops the list. I’ve spent a day and a half of my 3-day weekend with a damn migraine. Today, it’s minimal enough that I can work on your book. 😉

    1. I’ve been lucky. What tooth pain I’ve had until now is something fixable–clove and ginger tea is amazing stuff. But this? Fuck this shit. My entire lower jaw is shifting around. Tea won’t numb it. Most days I can’t drink anything not over body temperature. Warming water to drink so I don’t DIE is time-consuming. This is a twelve-year regret. Should’ve had them pulled before I lost my dental insurance. I only agreed to wait because there was a chance the top teeth coming in would sort out the screwiness with my “bunny” teeth. Of course, the top wisdom teeth show no signs of emerging anytime soon. This whole thing is beyond dumb. I’m so over it.

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