Nerdy Girl Problems

Alright. I’m tapping out on creativity tonight. You get . . . a list post. Sorry, guys. Some days, it just happens. I’ll strive to make it creative. Or at least entertaining.

Tonight’s list:

Annoying Nerdy Girl Problems:

  • Fogged In: Typically a problem which happens only in cold temperatures and is extremely disconcerting. For a least a minute after a person wearing glasses steps into a warm room from outside, their glasses forget how to be glass. “Hmm . . . feels warmer in here. I’m feeling a bit shy suddenly. Time to put on my coat.” Complete white-out. To make matters worse, add in four a-hole cats and two hyper omg-omg-omg dogs . . . . This is how I’m going to die.
  • The Cute Shirts are All Juniors: It’s not secret, I like clothing. A lot. When people ask me what I want for a birthday or holiday, I’ll typically 10931541_1036799726346452_6182669296480210139_nsuggest some form of clothing. Why not? It’s fun to dress up. Being–well–me, I gravitate toward the cartoons and comic book stuff. It’s how I’m hard-wired. But it’s incredibly awkward shopping for a Wonder Woman t-shirt alongside girls purchasing clothes for the new school year. High school. I’m fifteen years too old for the conversation they had behind me. Of course I was shopping alone, it’s what I do to relax. It also meant I had no out. No way to drown them out short of rocking my earbuds like a teenage moron who’s always running into people ’cause they can’t hear. All I could do was laugh at myself. And find a awesome Lion King shirt. What? Don’t look at me like that.
  • Over It: Sometimes being too in-the-know creates burnout. I’ve hit this on a professional level several times. It happens. Work demands one thing. You’ll do it, but there’s little pleasure left. I see it in everyone from photographers to journalists and writers. Full immersion in one topic is unpleasant. Creates a hyper-focus around the topic. Unfortunately, more often than not, we’re put in positions to celebrate with and be happy for others who genuinely still love the topic of their affection. Sometimes it can rejuvenate the professional. Often . . . grin and bear it. Be happy because others find joy in this thing. Don’t hate. It gets you no where.
  • Too Much Shit: I didn’t realize four years ago what agreeing to attend multiple comic and horror conventions around the nation would mean for the capacity of the storage in the house. To be blunt–I’m out of room. The closets are full. Bookshelf is the ninth wonder of the world–it should’ve fallen over from the weight six months ago. I have room for another book shelf, but I’m being picky about the dimensions of what goes there. Too much bookshelf, I lose poster space. The massive amount of posters in my closet being the reason it is full. Essentially I play a never-ending game of Jenga to make it all fit. The chaos reigning at the moment because I’m going to San Francisco on Friday is bad enough to give me fits.
  • Streaming Video: A lot of the geeks I know are creators in some for or another. A dear friend of mine often crafts while listening to whale songs or poppy violin tunes. Sometimes the strangest things encourage us to create. I’m inspired by numerous things of late from the mix of comic books with spy thrillers to cheeky costume dramas. The beauty of the modern age is solid wi-fi and a favorite streaming service. It’s embarrassing how many hours I’ve spent watching TV. Week-long marathons. I binge-watched Gilmore Girls at such a rapid pace, reality blurred for a day or two. No regrets. It was amazing.

Speaking of . . . my couch, blanket, and PS3 are calling. Oh and the puppy. Limos only snuggles during TV time. The brat.


One thought on “Nerdy Girl Problems

  1. You can rock the junior shirts, so don’t even worry about. Hell, I’d wear them if I could still fit into them. 😉 Speaking of which, I saw the perfect shirt for you this weekend.

    I’m at the Too Much Shit state as well, trying to figure out where to put everything. Also, I got through a season and a half of Supernatural this weekend while editing Sharon’s book. 😉

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