Life vs Art

Warning up front, this may have a couple spoiler-ish tidbits from my second vampire novel, In Too Deep. It’s unavoidable. Why?

I may have accidentally predicted one of the biggest ecological crisis in my lifetime–the California drought.

It sounds nuts. I know. I’ve had my head in the sand for months, looking past the similarities. But the numbers I crunched while plotting ITD–there were ten pages of information gathered about agriculture in Fresno, CA–kept bouncing around my head. See, it’s one thing to watch the news and see that another farmer is selling his property or letting the fruit fall without harvesting or an entire field wiped out because there’s no water. The game changes when you know how many tons of grapes the average farmer grows.

Suddenly trips to the grocery store incur anxiety attacks half a mile from the nearest shopping cart. How much longer until the cost of fresh produce reaches obscene levels? Californians, for the most part, are spoiled with cheap produce prices. We grow it. There’s no huge transportation cost. Our Eden, the security of knowing one can go to the store with $10 and pick up enough fruits/vegetables for at least two meals plus dessert, will vanish soon.

These were the “what if” concerns I chewed over while plotting ITD. I wanted the KGB to attempt something that’d seem insubstantial on the surface–disrupt production produce–but once the numbers came to light, everyone would know just had badly they’d screwed over the United States. Food became the obvious focus because, well . . . food and I are tight. BFFs. I’d take a bullet for food. Well, maybe not really. I expected Meghan to do it for me.

I’m a writer. She’s a CIA agent. Okay, a fictional one, but still . . . .

There’s no sexy, witty redhead to fight this drought, though. She’d have plenty of people to confront about the worsening situation in my home state–from politicians approving horrible water-management policies, to companies schmoozing their way into exceptions to drought protocol. Hell, if my neurotic ass can deal with a dead front lawn in order to save water, they can man up and do their part.

Oddly enough, the plot for the final vampire novel ended up coming true in part, as well. Now, now. I’m not going to let you in on that one just yet.


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