Your Reasoning is Not Valid

Found a (horribly written) article where a journalist admitted he’s actually not as concerned about legalizing weed as he once was. When he finally got to the “Ooo, scary unknown long-term effects of Mary Jane” part, these two quotes were all he could find to really drive home the inherent dangers:
And drug policy experts say there’s a risk to pot even if it doesn’t have long-term or deadly health effects. “The main risk of cannabis is losing control of your cannabis intake,” Kleiman told me in February. “That’s going to have consequences in terms of the amount of time you spend not fully functional. When that’s hours per day times years, that’s bad.”
Jon Caulkins of Carnegie Mellon University put it more bluntly: “At some level, we know that spending more than half of your waking hours intoxicated for years and years on end is not increasing the likelihood that you’ll win a Pulitzer Prize or discover the cure for cancer.”
Obviously these guys haven’t met the new generation of stoners. We’re hungry. Driven. Pissed the fuck off at the condition of the world we’re inheriting. Now we want to make it better.

Part of that may actually involve those who want to chilling out and letting anger take the backseat for a while.

So much going wrong in the world can be traced back to someone angry at someone else for whatever reason. Imagine anger as a stick. Everyone right now is all riled up about politics, police abuse, women’s health rights, racism, religion, etc. and to make sure their voice is the only one heard, they’re going after each other with Anger Sticks. Now take the sticks and wrap them in a few layers of bubble wrap. Does the stick still hurt? Yeah, it’ll sting. Can the buffered Anger Stick kill anyone? It’s not that likely and would take a tremendous amount of effort. Okay, my demonstration is super simplistic, but still a valid take on how something everyone has demonized for so long could be one thing to dampen the anger controlling everyone right now.

If these are the only excuses experts can come up with, why has it taken so long for pot smoking to become socially acceptable? People who smoke every day know their limits, will smoke just enough to reach the high they want and stop. Self control is a thing. I know I’m not the only one who’ll pack a bowl, take a hit, wander off to clean or work on something, then come back to my pipe later for more. This isn’t Reefer Madness. We aren’t instantly driven to insane acts of depravity after half a lungful. It’s not a race to smoke the fastest. The weed will still be there after I write an article or wash the dishes.

And now because I need a giggle, here’s a picture I found on Facebook which made me laugh so hard, I thought Gallbladder Hulk would burst.


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