The Vampires are Back in Town

Things on my end haven’t been exactly smooth lately. Numerous problems arose, putting pretty much all of my books on the back burner. Except the shitty one. Of course. Because that’s how my life has rolled from the get-go.

Life is like a murderous not-clown-thing.

Starting last week, that’s changing. I’m in the process of re-editing In Too Deep. As I go, I’ll drop a couple chapters over on my Patreon page. Chapters one through four are already live on the website, with the next two chapters scheduled to drop on Tuesday (June 20th). Currently the release day is floating, based on when I steal editing time, but I’ll do my best to make weekly updates.

The catch? It’s gonna cost you. A whole whopping  . . . dollar.

I don’t want to rip off readers who took a chance and bought the first edition of the book. But I do need to pay bills, so I’ve set the serial at the lowest payment option for patrons. If this works out, I will work on the other books once ITD wraps up.

Step back into the 1990’s with Meghan, a CIA operative stuck in Fresno, CA on the off-chance there really are former Russian spies working to destroy the farmland. Land which feeds most of the USA, and beyond. Once she’s on the right track, nothing will stop her from ending the terrorist plot before it hatches. That is, until the local vampires take offense to her accidental prying.

Yes, folks. It’s a vampire spy novel set just after the Cold War. Get your anti-Russia feels right here.

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