Everything Kinda Sucks

Life typically comes at you fast. Some find it hard to adapt when Murphy’s Law takes over and rules the land for far too damn long. Others just keep swimming, despite the hell raining down around them.

Then 2017 happened.


People I’ve come to rely on as solid rocks in the stormy seas are crumbling. Others showed their true colors and were written off because no one has time to coddle Nazis or their sympathizers these days. Not while Republicans are literally trying to ensure the demise of millions of American citizens out of sheer spite. Not while the President of the United States delivers impassioned speeches about increasing police brutality and tosses out falsified stories about pure, wholesome white girls being raped/murdered by everyone who’s “other.” Not on MY fucking watch. And honestly, the people we’ve all said farewell to after the Trump hit the fan are better off left to stew in their own hatred, rather than infecting the public with their vitriol any longer.

Cleaning our personal social circles hasn’t been enough. Every morning we all express dread when it comes time to log onto social media, or even accidentally passing a news page on the way to one’s email. This last week alone, it was impossible to escape the antics of the newest White House staffer. I mean, what government official in their right mind says ALOUD that they liken a coworker’s personal goals to self-fellatio, let alone over the phone to a reporter during an on-the-record interview? It’s shocking. It’s disgusting.

It’s distracting as fuuuck.

Much like the glorious Maxine Waters, we need to reclaim our gods damned time. Not just from the political circus consuming virtually every waking moment for terrified American citizens, but from anyone who’s going to waste time during an era where we either get shit done, or just wait for the government kill us in one way or another. (Those of us in California are SERIOUSLY concerned about 45 taunting North Korea as they test new long-range missiles, for instance.)

One way I’ve been spending more time on me is editing the backlog of photos from our recent family trips. Why? It lets me relive funs days and work on my favorite hobby. I’ve also plotted a short story and written about 1/3 of it. No, you won’t get first grabs. Sorry, readers. That story is totally going out on submission when it’s done. I gotta get back in the publishing saddle, and it’s only happening because I’m reclaiming my time.

It’s hard. I still catch myself scrolling through Twitter, shaking my head and feeling nauseous. For every minute we spend lecturing the GOP on the finer point of not being flaming hellbeasts, we must spend twice as much on ourselves, our passions, and our gods damned families—who are suffering just as much from this truckload of bullshit as us. I’m shit at taking my own advice, but this might be the one time I look at the crap I expound and it finally sinks in that this must be the norm in our household until the hellbeasts are sent back where they came from. I encourage you to do the same.

We cannot lose anyone else to the hopelessness which inevitably leads to suicide. There’s been too much loss lately. We need to take care of ourselves and those we love. If you haven’t checked in with your depressed friend this week, get on that shit now. Send a how-are-you text. Share a cute animal meme with them in a private message. Invite them to go for a walk in the park. Anything to keep the fragile people in our society from getting swept up in the maelstrom.

I wish more people had done the same for me during my darkest days. That is why I’m telling you now; don’t leave anyone behind. We can’t. What kind of people are we if we ignore loved ones because the current political climate worsened their depression and we just didn’t want to deal with them being “a downer”? Answer: The shitty kind of people. Don’t be shitty. Help save a life. It’s the least we can do while Republican’s saber-rattle about yet another fucking ACA repeal vote.

Need something to distract you for a bit? Check out the serial novel, podcast, and photos on R.C. Murphy’s Patreon page.

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