About R.C. Murphy

Growing up in a creative environment was perhaps the best thing that ever happened to me. No one told me vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and such weren’t real. Mom and Dad encouraged my fantasies, helped me build the crazy-pants foundation I utilize every day.

The fantasies from my childhood developed into something more, something I could share with others. I’ve always been an entertainer in one way or another, starting at six as an actor. Writing became my chosen path to latch onto the emotions of others and bring them along for this insane roller coaster ride.

Currently, I’m working on two paranormal thriller series–The Inbetween Series, and a Vampire Trilogy.

In addition to stories and novels, I’ve become immensely interested in developing techniques that will keep me alive and going after any major disaster. That is why, with the help of some amazing friends, I’ve been writing how-to articles and TV/movie reviews for the Zombie Survival Crew. The site gives me the opportunity to teach others now to survive in a fun way. Not only that, it has introduced me to a lot of really creative, caring souls that constantly inspire me to do more with my life.

12 thoughts on “About R.C. Murphy

    1. I enjoyed your stories, you have an interesting style of writing. Being a writer of songs… and blogs 🙂 I know its hard to find your own style but you seem to have found yours. I wish you every success.


  1. I really enjoyed reading about you. I can relate, as I spent my childhood romping through the forests near my house doing much the same thing. Those trips inspired me to write in the fantasy world and bring my imagination to life.

    There are times when I write that I am not so much creating a story, but rather witnessing it transpire before my eyes. I have walked with my characters and seen them in action. My pen flies trying to capture all that see…

    I look forward to reading more of your work and wish you all the best as you document your stories and ‘experiences’ of fiction, sharing them with a world starved for imagination!


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