AL- Gay Sex

Welcome puny mortals to my fabulous, inspiring, award winning…

“Uh, Larry… we haven’t won any awards,” Renee interjects.

What!? Why not? What do I have to beat in order to snag an award around these parts?

“Just get on with the questions. That’s what the readers are here for,” Renee grumbles, leaving Larry to do his thing while she hunts cheesecake with a sword and plate the size of a shield.

Well isn’t she a ray of fucking sunshine tonight? Fine, lets get to it.

Why is it so goddamn hard to write male/male romance and sex scenes?

~ Hard in the Hamptons

Boy, you went straight for the balls, huh? To put it the simplest, gay sex is still taboo. Even for those that participate in homosexual relationships writing all of that down can prove difficult. A little voice nags at the back of your mind saying, “No one wants to read this. They will think it is wrong and throw rocks at me.” Well maybe not the rock bit, but there is a lot of bigotry in the world. On a subconscious level that holds writers back from the edge.

The pressure to keep homosexuals out of books and TV is lessening. If you, Mr. Hard wish to write about two men who have a genuine romance brewing then I suggest you dive in headfirst. Treat it like any normal romance novel. The only difference is the gender of both your lead characters. Women are portrayed more and more often in homosexual relationships. Time for the boys has to be coming soon.

If you have faith in what you wish to write the ideas will come. And in the case of erotica, so will the men.

Why is it that when people write male/male erotica they feel the need to make one or both males submissive? Why can’t two alpha males have hot, wild sex?

~Hung in Hanover

What, did you all band together to ask questions this week? Okay, fine. Back on this train of thought.

We have to go back to the media’s perception of what homosexual relationships are. They see two men doing what a man and woman would normally do. The only way for that to make sense to their lizard brains is for one of the men to be feminine and/or submissive to a dominant male.

However, if you look at most relationships portrayed in fiction there is always a dominant and a submissive. Giving two headstrong personalities enough slack that they can co-exist is difficult for writers, even those with experience functioning in a balanced relationship. Sometimes one personality has to give way to the other in order to move things along smoothly. It becomes a plot issue. A writer is then forced to sacrifice a little bit of their character in the name of making the story work.

I’m not saying having two alpha males going at it won’t work on the page. The writing process may be a little bumpy, that’s all.

That is all the questions I’m doing this time around. There are two left in the cue. I need more questions! Send your queries along to and I will answer YOUR question on this blog sometime in the next few weeks.


~Larry the Muse

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