Editing Services

On top of wrangling various vicious preternatural creatures, I also provide freelance editing services. Currently I only offer content and line edits. No copy edits.

Sample edits are available upon request. Limit five pages.

Payments may be made in two installments. However, I will not begin work until half the payment has been made via Paypal. After payment is received, I’ll send an estimate on when the first pass will be finished. This courtesy applies to every editing pass on your work. Please do me the same favor so I can adjust my schedule and ensure a quick return time. Payment plans are available, depending on client circumstances.

Email editing inquiries to: RC.Murphy5150 at gmail.com

Include in the email:
-A brief (2-3 paragraph) run-down of your manuscript. Give me the plot basics in the same style/voice as your story.
-Story genre–I will not edit fan fiction, erotica, beastiality, or forced sex.
-A time frame for when you need the final editing pass finished.
-Word count. Not page count!
-The first page of your manuscript–Copied and pasted into the body of the email at the end. I will not open attachments blindly; this is to protect my computer.

Content Editing
Content editing covers everything from grammar goofs to polishing character development and overall plot arcs. I call content edits “Writing Bootcamp” and feel they are essential to the publishing process. Authors spend so much time neck-deep in a manuscript, they lose sight of the forest for the trees. Another set of eyes on a piece can change a story from good to amazing.

Purchase of a content edit includes:
-Three editing passes from yours truly.
-General grammar/spelling fixes. (Performed with Track Changes.)
-Character analysis–Do they act their age? Can readers visualize them? Does their dialog fit their actions? (Comments)
-Plot analysis–Is the outcome believable? Have you taken shortcuts that don’t make sense to a reader? Is the timeline correct? (Comments)
-Obliteration of “crutch” words/phrases–Overused phrases which distract from the flow of the book. (Comments/Highlights)
-My unbiased reaction to the story–If something tickles my fancy or makes me laugh/cringe/cry, I’ll tell you in a Comment. Every writer needs first-hand reactions to their work, much like an actor on stage testing punchlines.

10k to 19.99k words – $300 (US)
20k to 49.99k words – $425 (US)
50k to 74.99k words – $475 (US)
75k to 99.99k words – $525 (US)
100k words and over – $600* (US)

(*Price may vary depending on word count.)

Line Edits
Line edits are a last-ditch effort to polish your literary baby before it heads to a copy editor/proof reader or is submitted to an agent/publisher.

Purchase of a line edit includes:
-Two passes from yours truly with an optional third if we hit any problematic areas.
-Corrections to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. (Track Changes)
-Double-checking character/plot consistency–Wasn’t her hair blonde? Wasn’t there was a fireplace in this room, not a window? (Comments)
-Confirming word usage–Did you really mean to type “ant” instead of “aunt?” (Comments)
-Suggestions for problematic/wonky phrasing. (Comments)

10k to 24.99k words – $275 (US)
25k to 49.99k words – $325 (US)
50k to 99.99k words – $425 (US)
100k words and over – $500* (US)

(*Price may vary depending on word count.)

Attention! New Policy: Should, for any reason, a client chose not to use my services after the invoice is sent, the client will be charged with a 10% nuisance fee.


Here’s what clients have to say about my mad editing skills.

“There is only one person I can think of to edit my manuscripts and her name is R.C. Murphy. She and I have known each other for well over 10 years both professionally and personally. We’ve had the pleasure of blogging together on more than one occasion, as well. Her dedication to detail and clearing up plot holes are the sole reason I will remain one of her most loyal clients. I always look forward to getting back my manuscripts after she’s had them. They are usually extremely “bloody” with many amusing side notes, yet she only does it to force you to think outside the box and push yourself harder. There is no one I would recommend more than Ms. Murphy.” ~Sandra Bischoff, author of the Dark Order of the Dragon series

“They say it takes a village to write a book; nothing could be truer than that! With the support of my family and friends I have been inspired to continue writing. The person I can credit most with my success (besides the characters in my head) is my editor. R.C. Murphy has pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me improve my writing as a result. She has been a true inspiration for me!  Her guidance has helped me achieve my dreams of being a published writer.” ~Lisa Carlson, author of Ignite My Love and Rebuild My Love

“I’ve worked with R.C. on multiple projects and look forward to many more in the future. R.C. is a caring, tactful editor with a keen eye for detail and discrepancies. She is great at sifting through the fine points of a project while still keeping the overall picture in mind. She is able to help pare down a novel to its core without interfering with the author’s vision or voice. I’d highly recommend her editing services.” ~Genevieve Mckay, author of The Opposite of Living: The Strange Adventures of Carolina Brown

“R.C. Murphy is a great Editor – she helped me clean up all the problems, big and small, while not trampling all over my voice. I have a much better manuscript now.” ~TW Knight, author of The Dark Knights of Heaven series

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